Desktop Virtualization

Our Desktop Virtualization Solutions offers choice and flexibility. Choose an on-premises or cloud-based solution, or both. Whether you run a desktop virtualization in house or use a desktops as a service, we can help you get the best performance . Plus, you can simplify operations, improve security, support on new devices, and reduce the costs of computing. We have wide variety of options for desktop virtualization through the use of Microsoft Hyper –V, Vmware Horizon and Citrix Xen Desktop.

Desktop Virtualization (On-Premises)
Desktop and application virtualization helps to reduce desktop IT costs, improve security, increase control, and expand connectivity. With desktop virtualization, desktops are hosted in your data centre and can be accessed from any device, anywhere. This allows you to support new business models and improve both IT operations and user satisfaction.

Desktop as a Service (Cloud-Based)
Desktop as a service (DaaS) provides the same benefits as on-premises desktop virtualization, including reduced desktop IT costs, improved security, increased control, and expanded connectivity. However, services are provided from an offsite cloud-based data center. DaaS is an economical, pay-per-user approach that provides desktops and reduces the day-to-day IT responsibilities for end-user computing. One of the biggest advantages of virtual desktops is anytime anywhere data. It opens up the possibility of remote working for you and your employees. Remote working is simply working from somewhere other than your typical workplace. It could be working from home, working in transit, or working with clients