A. SERVER VIRTUALIZATION – Markoni provides server Virtualization projects with modern architectures designed specifically for Virtualization, and solutions for any sized virtual environment. We keeps costs in check by optimising VM density and storage efficiency and streamlining administration. Markoni's approach towards server virtualization brings together the best in new technologies to enable you to leverage your existing server investment and to reduce costs and improve your green credentials. It enables your organisation to enjoy cost-effective and small footprint solutions that provide a secure and stable infrastructure that is flexible enough to cope with evolving future requirements. We at markoni computing offers a comprehensive range of virtualization server solutions that can meet any organisational need. From tower servers with integrated tape drives for smaller deployments, through to high-power rack servers for handling Microsoft, vmware, Citrix, Nutanix based Hypervisors and virtual hosted applications. For large virtual host Servers, thin client deployments and space saving requirements we can provide Infrastructure that will deliver a manageable, flexible and energy-efficient solution to your growing server needs.

B. DESKTOP VIRTUALIZATION - IT organizations face competing pressures to address the needs of users for mobility, flexibility, self-service and choice, while meeting IT's own requirements for security and compliance. To support the business, IT must also establish a high performance, scalable infrastructure and develop agile strategies to adapt quickly to dynamic business needs. Traditional IT infrastructure simply isn't up to the challenge. To enable a mobile, global workforce and maximize user productivity, you need a new approach that allows people to work any time, anywhere on their choice of devices. Desktop virtualization transforms the way organizations enable their workforce and support growth while simplifying the desktop and application management process for IT. The clear benefits and proven business impact of desktop virtualization are driving rapid adoption among organizations of all sizes across all industries. We at Markoni computing provides desktop virtualization solutions which enables businesses to transform Windows desktops, and data into a cloud-like service accessible on any device, anywhere. We provide reliable, Consistent, cost optimised virtual desktop infrastructure which is proven in performance with consistent BYOD end user experience at a lower cost per desktop.

C. APPLICATION VIRTUALIZATION – Markoni Computing provides services of implementing on-demand application delivery solution that enables any Windows application to be virtualized, centralized, and managed in the datacentre and instantly delivered as a service to users anywhere on any device. In application Virtualization, the execution of the application happens at the datacentre and screen differentials are only sent out to the end user device. Compared to traditional application deployment technology, virtual application delivery enables organizations to improve application management. Application Virtualization helps businesses to Centralizing applications in the datacentre to reduce cost, controlling and encrypting access to data and applications to improve security and delivering applications instantly to users anywhere. It enables enterprise class scalability for any size business and ensures that virtual application delivery and management is secure by design.

D. HYPERCONVERGED INFRASTRUCTURE - Hyperconvergence can be described as being a cloud infrastructure where the software powering the platform tightly integrates all of these elements and technologies from other sources together to provide a single solution that is supported through the service provider. Hyperconvergence allows for the rapid development of cloud environments by enabling service vendors to provision additional resources in the cloud with the use of physical hardware in no time at all, without there being any knock on effect on the performance of the existing cloud setup. We at Markoni Computing provides Hyperconverged infrastructure solutions through the deployment, management and scaling of datacentre resources by combining x86-based server and storage resources with intelligent software in a turnkey software-defined solution. Separate servers, storage networks and storage arrays can be replaced with a single hyperconverged solution to create an agile datacentre that easily scales with your business.