Backup & Recovery

Organisations today are seeking to upgrade their existing backup and recovery infrastructure to help them deal with current IT challenges such as explosive data growth, shrinking backup windows, rising storage costs and protection for the latest operating systems and virtual environments as well as sophisticated Cyber attacks and multiple Ransomware attacks. We at Markoni computing provides you with the best backup and recovery solutions which is simple, yet effective and affordable. With so many options for disaster recovery and business continuity, organisations are seeking a single, simple solution to the issue. We believe that we have found the exact solution for you with our Complete I.T , delivering both onsite and offsite backup, disaster recovery and business continuity. This revolutionary new technology removes the headache of traditional backup and recovery technologies such as tapes. Markoni will replicate your IT infrastructure safely and securely onsite and to the cloud, and in the event of a major outage or disaster, you can either restore or boot quickly from this local image, or even use the image in the cloud to continue to operate from other hardware while your infrastructure is re-established. We have a full backup, disaster recovery and business continuity service and if rapid recovery of your systems is a priority, then we will provide a single, simple solution.

We offer the following type of Backup Services.

Most organisations now have key data saved on multiple devices such as servers, desktops, laptops, PDAs etc, but organisations are often unsure if all of this data is being backed up. Online Backup offers a flexible option for the encrypted transfer and storage of key data in a secure, offsite facility. With an online backup strategy, automatic or regular backups are created for every device to minimise downtime, allow easy recovery, and ensure that important data is not lost in the event of a disaster.

Desktops and Servers are central to your IT infrastructure, running all of your systems and holding your valuable data. If a problem occurs with one of your desktops and servers, your business can be brought to a rapid halt, so what solutions can be used to get you up and running in the quickest possible timeframe?

Using market-leading replication softwares from various companies such as Veeam, Veritas, Arc Serve, EMC, Acronis which will create an image of your server to a separate piece of hardware, which can be a onsite backup solution on a separate piece of hardware or at a remote site. In the event of a disaster you can recover this quickly and easily to a specific date and time.

Virtualization – we use market leading Virtualization technologies such as VMWare ,Citrix Xen.. Microsoft Hyper-V to create multiple operating systems on a single server. This allows for rapid data recovery while minimising hardware and maintenance costs.

Tape is used by many thousands of organisations in the UK to produce regular data backups, and we have implemented multiple backup solutions from single tapes to sophisticated auto-tape library systems, often using Backup Exec Suite from Veritas, Arcserve, Acronis, Emc an industry-leading, robust and proven solution.

Unfortunately, backing-up data to tape, Sans and external backup is only half the story. Problems can occur when incomplete data is written to them, or when sometimes tapes are over-used or worn and backup to external devices or Sans stops. Our Data Recovery & Testing service check your backup process periodically and ensure that all essential data is available if needed. A summary report details the results and forms part of a wider data protection and recovery plan. We provide a fully backup and recovery service solution.