Wireless Infrastructure

Markoni Computing provides consulting and contracted services to the communications industry, with an emphasis and specialized expertise in the Enterprise Managed WIFI Systems. Markoni provides a scalable, resilient wireless network with a wide range of indoor and outdoor access points that deliver wired-like performance with wireless for a high quality user experience. We deliver wired-like performance and predictability and support application-level visibility and control to help ensure business critical applications come first. We design and deliver wireless solutions that meet your needs from the intended use of the system to the environment in which the network will operate. If need be we can seamlessly integrate a wireless local area network (WLAN) into your existing network infrastructure, providing your organisation with a high-speed, secure wireless network to make your workspace more flexible.

Whether you need an internal WLAN network, a wireless hotspot, external point-to-point links, or point-to-multipoint meshed systems (for campus and metropolitan environments) we can help.

Prior to any network being designed, we undertake a comprehensive survey of the building, which we share with you. We use the latest industry tools and techniques to map out the wireless area and ensure sufficient coverage for the required areas is built-in – including the provision for failed access points.

We work with a number of suppliers, which means we can choose the right devices for you. By doing this we can guarantee the solution against your individual requirements for resilience, bandwidth and coverage, making your wireless network more reliable and secure.

Whether the building has a single network, or a number of virtual LANs with differing access rights and security levels, we work with your security policy to ensure the wireless network is robust and secure.

Markoni have been working closely with the SMBs, Enterprise, Education, Retail, Hospitality and Warehouse Sectors to provide indoor and outdoor Wireless LAN solutions which increase overall productivity at the lowest possible TCO and the highest possible ROI.

Wireless LAN (WiFi) bespoke for your industry sector –
All enterprise-grade wireless solutions should deliver both ample coverage and the capacity to cope with the high demands on modern users. Not only this, wireless LANs should offer security at the core and to all end-users – from employees and guests, to students and contractors.

Markoni computing is one of very few business WLAN infrastructure providers who are capable of offering a truly end-to-end solution from design and hardware to installation and on going maintenance and support. At Markoni computing we know that quality equipment and support are the keys to any successful technology company. We continually engage in extensive testing to ensure that we are using the best possible equipment to meet the needs of your installation from various WIFI equipment manufacturers such as , HP Aruba, Cisco Meraki, Nomadix, Ruckus, Proxim and ubiquiti networks

A. ENTERPRISE WIFI - Our business-specific wireless LAN (WiFi) solutions are designed using the industry's leading technologies and offer both small and large enterprise organisations simplified secure wireless networking for all levels of access and usage requirements. Focussing on mission-critical WiFi provision, we understand that wireless networks are the backbone of the modern business; it is for this reason that resilience and redundancy are core to Ensign network designs.

B. RETAILWIFI – At Markoni computing we have WIFI infrastructure solutions specifically designed for the retail sector. The main concern for the sector is leveraging Wi-Fi to simultaneously enhance shopper experiences whilst creating additional revenue streams through network analytics and monetisation.

C. EDUCATION WIFI – Markoni Computing provides WiFi solutions to the education sector in the schools and colleges which has truly revolutionised classrooms and lecture theatres with more and more emphasis on wireless resources and network access which is Characterised by high-densities of users .Wireless LAN design for education facility Using the latest in 802.11n and 802.11ac wireless technology from the industry's leading manufacturers our education WiFi solutions are built to offer flexibility and scalability for the future. In addition to High end performance, we realise the importance of strong, but not restrictive, network security. Through an extensive portfolio of security, firewall and managed WiFi solutions we offer our customers the peace-of-mind that their data and end-users are kept safe at all times.

D. HOTEL WIFI – We provide services of upgrade as well as new Wifi installations with the new and latest secured wifi technologies for hotels ranging from 25 rooms to 500 + rooms. Our Wifi solutions are designed in such a way that it caters to large group of people in multiple areas of hotels such as conference rooms, gyms, public areas as well as all hotel rooms. At Markoni computing we know that quality equipment and support are the keys to any successful technology company. Many organisations within the hospitality sector are finding that poor performing or non-existent guest WiFi is having a negative impact on their business, creating bad customer relationships and ultimately a decline in both sales and bookings.A significant growth in mobile device ownership in recent years has put a great deal of strain and expectation upon hospitality WiFi networks. Those that were once capable, high performance, wireless networks may now lack the capacity to cope with high densities of mobile users demanding simultaneous access. Markoni Computing WiFi solutions is built with performance delivery in mind. Our controller-based enterprise grade networks - from Aruba HPE, Ruckus Wireless, Cisco and Cisco Meraki, Ubiquiti networks provides unbeatable network coverage, capacity and resilience, ensuring that guest WiFi performs as expected at all times.

E. WAREHOUSING WIFI - The warehouse and distribution environment can be a hostile one. Characterised by a requirement for fluidity, warehouses are constantly moving; busy staff and their mobile computing devices, forklift trucks and lifters, vast ranges of stock density as well as changing rack configurations and layouts, can all cause problems for WiFi. Markoni's fully integrated warehouse WiFi solutions are carefully planned and designed to provide optimum network performance whilst significantly reducing costs and labour. Our highly skilled WIFI Specialist offer an end-to-end warehouse WiFi service from RF surveying, network design and installations, through to commissioning and bespoke support.