Data Centre

Markoni Computing are experts in designing and building of energy efficient Data centre and physical infrastructure solutions .Utilising our best expert professionals experience and knowledge of IT Data centre, we are experts in achieving performance optimisation of the IT environment. Our Data centre services includes Data centre design and build, Consultancy Services, cabling, relocation, load testing and specialist cleaning. We provide critical power & cooling solutions for data centres, Computer, Server and Comms rooms of all sizes with UPS power protection, cooling solutions, environmental and physical monitoring and the latest data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) software solutions.

  • A.INFRASTRUCTRE – We at Markoni Computing have expert professionals specialised in projects of  building a new Data centre from scratch, upgrading of a existing data centre as well as moving a Data centre . We have a wide variety of strategic partnership with our suppliers for various Data centre  infrastructure, such as Servers, Routers, Switches, SAN, Server Racks, Load balancers,  etc which would give you direct access to all the top hardware manufacturers and software vendors in the industry. We are focused on saving energy, and the solutions we deploy from one rack to one hundred racks which are designed to be flexible, Scalable, Resilient and are managed with the latest tools and support to ensure maximum availability and performance. We can supply technically advanced reliable and cost effective power solution to both new and existing Data centre builds through the use of UPS and Generators. Our power solutions are carefully matched to your present day needs as well as fully being scalable to meet future requirements. Our modular and fully scalable cooling solution provides air distribution and heat removal at rack, row and room level, giving you the most effective performance for the lease usage of floor space through the use of cooling door technology and in row cooling.

  • B.SERVICES – We at Markoni Computing provides a range of Bespoke Services and Custom designed Solutions to meet your business needs. Our Service and support team consist of highly expert engineers and technicians who specialise in all aspect of pre and post sales technical support, modular builds, installation, load testing and integrated system, Infrastructure integration, Manufacturer hardware support. Our Services is focused on driving improved business value through the strategic use of IT. Our solutions are designed to deliver cost reduction without any degradation of service in the short term and improving service in the long term. We believe consistency in delivering real value and efficiencies brought in by significant investments made in people, process, methodologies and enduring partnerships.

  • C.DATA CENTRE INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT(DCIM) – It represents any set of tools including software programs as well as hardware devices in the form of computer parts, drives, cables, etc that help organize and manage the information stored in a data centre. The energy required to organize and store large amounts of data can be used with greater efficiency if the infrastructure of that data is carefully and appropriately managed DCIM represents a class of products and services designed to assist the growing global demand for the electronic storage of information, whether that is devising more efficient ways to store and access electronic data or turning the air conditioners of a Data centre on or off as needed to prevent servers from overheating and failing. There are several trends driving the adoption of DCIM. These drivers include Capacity Planning and Management, Asset Lifecycle Management, Uptime and Availability enabler, More efficient power and support for heat density cooling, Data centre consolidation and Tech Refresh, Virtualization and cloud computing, Increased reliance on critical IT systems, Energy efficiency or Green IT initiatives.
  • DCIM tools include Asset management, Network connectivity Management, Environment Management, Energy Management, Change Management , Capacity Management and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Integration. We Supply DCIM software from major brands such as Schneider Electric, Emerson Network Power, Nlyte Software, Panduit, CommScope, Sunbird Software, FNT, ABB, Siemens, Cormant, Device42, FieldView, CA Technologies and RF Code

  • D.SOLUTIONS - Whether you are planning a new build data centre or an upgrade to a existing one, you have to be sure that every component is the best specification with the best value. We at Markoni Computing are experts in matching products with projects and giving you direct access to all the top hardware manufacturers and software developers in the industry.

  • We at Markoni provides a wide variety of data centre solutions such as

    Cold Aisle Containment Systems (CACS)
    Cold aisle containment operates by preventing the mixing of the cold air produced by the cooling units, typically delivered through the raised floor plenum, from the warm air created by the IT equipment. This containment means that the usual mixing of the hot and cold air streams no longer occurs and hot air short cuts are no longer possible. This significantly improves cooling efficiency resulting in the reduction of the amount of cold air required and a considerable reduction in energy costs. Our range of containment solutions offers options to include racks of all sizes and by all manufacturers, spacers to fill gaps in a row of racks and blanking panels to fill the gaps between the IT equipment in the racks. Containment works regardless of room layout and cooling technology offering significant savings and extending the operating life of your data centre.

    Hot Aisle Containment Systems (HACS)
    Use HACS to cool high density and mixed density data centres. In the past it was a major challenge for IT personnel to successfully deploy a mix of high-density and low-density equipment in the same data centre space. Traditional data centres were specified to cool a uniform rack power density and were not capable of cooling a large number of high density racks. We supply HACS to improve cooling efficiency and effectiveness. Modern data centre architectures such as row-based cooling allow for the rapid deployment of high density pods within an existing or new low-density data centre. Modular row oriented power and cooling can be added where and when high-density racks are required, without any negative effect on the existing room-level infrastructure. In combination with capacity and change management systems, HACS offer a high density deployment solution capable of maintaining predictable operation even after moves, additions and changes.

    Modular Room Build Data Centre
    It is designed to meet the requirements of server room and data centre construction. Fast, clean build to any size or shape offering very high levels of certified protection of computer hardware and media from heat, fire and water. Our modular room builds use lightweight, high strength, steel faced wall and ceiling panels with a Pyrofoam core that provides a high performance thermal barrier. Panels simply lock together to form a protective enclosure that is quick and easy to build to any size. The pre finished panels require no decoration or maintenance. The system is independent of the existing structure and can be easily extended or relocated at any time with options for protection against intrusion, forced attack and blast. These rooms are also suitable for any high security environment such as armouries, personnel areas, control, production or storage of sensitive data or equipment.

    Modular Portable Room Data Centre
    The Mobile Server Room or Secure Environment can be delivered as an empty shell or fitted out with any required services required including AC, power, UPS, cabling, lighting, cabinets, fire suppression, raised floor, etc. The solution can be delivered in any size required and is not restricted to standard ISO container sizes providing for a more flexible solution to meet business needs. Modular portable rooms are constructed from fire rated, highly insulated weather proof panels strong enough for the the most hostile environments. Available in a wide choice of colours the rooms can either be built on site or offsite and craned into position and placed in a car park, on a roof or inside a larger building. Modular portable rooms offer the ability to provide a Secure server room, data centre, storage, control room, office and meet the requirements for any portable secure environment.